Back-To-Basics Part I


I want to start this year off fresh and clean. Getting back to the basics of skin care is a good place to start. 

The skin care/beauty industry advances so fast, I’m concerned that we may all forget the most important first steps for maintaining healthy skin. 



Most of you have your morning cleanse down. It’s easy since you likely take a shower in the morning and it is already part of your bathing routine. If you are not showering in the morning, I always recommend at least wiping your face with a warm cloth to remove any oils and dead skin cells that shed in the night before applying a moisturizer. 

So, let’s talk about cleansing at night. I still talk to my clients about the importance of washing your face at night. If you are tired and don’t want to do it, then wash your face the minute you come home from work. Do your night routine before dinner, and then you don’t have to worry about it later.


1.  Your face is exposed to everything in your environment all day, every day: pollution, bacteria from your cell phone, your hands touching your computer or pretty much anything you touch before you touch your face. Ick! 

2.   You wear sunscreen and or makeup. These products are meant to provide coverage and protection. While they can help block some of the air pollution throughout the day, they are not meant to be left on the skin overnight. Over time, they will impair the barrier of your skin. Eye makeup must be removed as it harbors bacteria and can lead to infections. 

3.   Your skin goes into repair mode overnight. Cleansing the gunk from the day will allow your skin to breathe and skin cells to shed. Any nourishing serums applied at night are more effective when your skin is in the process of rejuvenation while you are sleeping. 

4.  Your cleanser does matter. I used to think as long as you are using one, that’s all that counts. Ingredients make a difference in every product you apply, and cleansing is key in the first step of caring for your skin. I offer a wide range of cleansers for home care, because everyone has different needs. Osmosis Purifying Cleanseris an awesome enzyme cleanser that gently exfoliates, and I love using it in the morning. Osmosis Lift AwayCleansing Balmis a great option for dry skin. Roccoco Pore Cleansing Oiland Soothing Cleansing Oilsare ideal for emulsifying blackheads and lifting away dirt and oil. 

If you are not already doing it, I challenge you to start cleansing your skin every night. See how your skin improves with this simple step.