You Deserve an Amazing Facial

 My husband and I recently went on a little weekend getaway to a small town in Missouri. We visited a charming winery and stayed at a nice resort hotel and spa. It was a beautiful romantic fall retreat and I was especially excited about trying the spa. I don't get facials unless I do them on myself and that is no fun. I was really craving a facial massage to relieve tension in my face and neck. I love the resort spa experience of putting on a luxurious robe and taking advantage of the amenities they offer. The hot tub, steam and sauna, body scrubs with hot and cold showers. It's a wonderful way to take care of yourself and recharge. After an hour of getting into relaxation mode it was finally time for my treatments. All I wanted was a great facial massage and to be pampered. Same with my swedish massage. I just wanted to melt onto the warm table after walking outside on a cool autumn day.

Well, I am sad to say that both services were terrible. I admit, I may have higher standards than a lot of people but it's hard to mess up basic relaxation services when you work in a resort. During the treatments I was cold, jostled, and frankly uncomfortable. There was also no facial massage! Both therapists seemed to be going through the motions so they could get done and on to their next appointment.

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The reason I am telling you about this is because I know how important that time is to take for yourself. To desire a certain type of treatment and touch and comfort and to be disappointed. I LOVE giving facials. It often relaxes me to provide a relaxing treatment and I try my best to give you the type of facial that I would like to receive. I often run over my time to fit it all in but as long as I am not going into another clients appointment it's okay. I am so appreciative of the time and investment you take to spend an hour or more with me. As an esthetician I want to make sure that I am meeting your needs and helping you to solve your problems. My goal and my passion is to provide you with the most relaxing facial I can while delivering noticeable results in your skin. I choose tools and devices to use in my facials that do not cause discomfort but only enhance your treatment and will lead to amazing results. That is also the reason why I sell skin-care products for you to use at home. It is so that you get the best possible care that your skin needs to have the healthy, beautiful skin you want. 

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